MeVitae is working with Microsoft to give students and graduates a new way to be different and get noticed. Combining MeVitae’s new products with Microsoft’s consistent technology, the end goal is to provide millennials with the ability to enter the race ahead of their competition.

"Integrating traditional Microsoft software, like Word and Azure with MeVitae’s digital profile, provides students with a range of productive technology and a new way to exhibit their talents online”.

Andrew Webber, Microsoft’s Emerging Developer Audience Lead

Students and graduates are given free access to MeVitae’s online digital profile where they can generate, host and store multiple personalised, visually appealing digital CV’s and job applications. The user has options to apply directly to available positions, use their profile to track their careers or purely as an avenue to showcase their talents, projects and previous experiences. “We are constantly developing new ways to access, update and showcase your profile” says MeVitae’s CEO, Riham Satti “We have some really cool and first of their kind features; our Microsoft Word plugin, our new Windows Continuum App and our platform add-on that gives users the ability to push their CV’s directly to their personal Github pages. STEM students and graduates are loving the flexibility to be able to update their profile and create CV’s anytime, anywhere”.

Countless students are unaware that they have access to Microsoft’s DreamSpark platform. DreamSpark provides students access to FREE Microsoft software throughout the duration of their studies lasting 12 months after their last account update, which can roll-over into the graduate job hunting phase. Within DreamSpark users can find the free downloadable cloud hosting software, Microsoft Azure. Azure provides students with web space where they can set up a web presence completely free! An ideal platform to showcase your creativity to the world. Andrew Webber, Microsoft’s Emerging Developer Audience Lead says ‘DreamSpark and Azure give students an opportunity to practice with the same tools used by professional developers, as well as the ability to learn these products and get a head start on their career’’.

MeVitae meets Microsoft – MeVitae’s digital profile has been optimised to align with Microsoft’s leading products. Users have the ability to pull clean data directly from their digital profile and host it openly on their personal, Azure hosted website. Additionally, MeVitae have built the first ever Microsoft Word plugin for CV generation that can be completely free from the Microsoft Word store. Users have the ability to then sign into their profile and create, edit, sync and unlock downloadable versions of their CV’s. Let’s admit it, at some point we have all created, edited or printed our CV using Microsoft Word. Webber says "Integrating traditional Microsoft software, like Word and Azure with MeVitae’s digital profile, provides students with a range of productive technology and a new way to exhibit their talents online”.

MeVitae is dedicated to solving the world’s biggest recruitment challenges through the use of cognitive technology. Founded at Oxford University by Neuroscientist - Riham Satti and Computer Scientist - Vivek Doraiswamy, MeVitae are proud graduates of UKTI’s Sirius program, are now operating out of The European Space Agency in Harwell. Satti says “We have made it our mission to take the existing overcomplicated infrastructure and completely reshape it. I believe everyone should be given the opportunity to showcase themselves and build a career they love through the use technology”.

In the coming months MeVitae will be launching their SME business platform. Small businesses will be able to create intelligent job descriptions that can be posted to 20+ jobs with the click of a button. Candidates will be collected, scored and shortlisted all in real-time using cognitive machine learning algorithms. MeVitae’s digital profile and SME platform will be completely integrated. Each applicant will need to create a digital profile in which they can then apply to any jobs listed on MeVitae’s business platform. Satti says “Bad hiring can literally mean life or death within a new business. Our goal is to design technology that is more efficient, affordable, user-friendly, and can learn your hiring needs as you continue to grow your business”