We conduct an in-depth audit of your recruiting systems and practices to understand where we can make a difference


Develop & Implement

We work alongside you build and launch a personalised solution in your recruiting environment



Key performance indicators and user feedback are monitored to ensure targets are met or exceeded

Passive Candidates

The best employees already have jobs

Now you'll know right away when they're looking for a better one. MeVitae's solution gives job seekers the option to be seen as active, passive or hidden. Different levels of anonymisation give passive and hidden users the privacy they need, opening up a pool of untapped hiring opportunities.

Skill Gap

Relentless technological development has made it more difficult to find candidates with the perfect skill mix

MeVitae's technology uses cognitive pattern recognition and big data analytics to determine individual skill requirements for specific job roles. We analyse company, market and industry trends to determine which skills are crucial to success, and what training a candidate needs to excel.

Diversified Workforce

Human biases directly affect how we build our teams

Our software can anonymise predetermined fields to hide candidate data from HR personnel. By removing the name, birthdate, school name or any combination of application data, companies can focus on finding the right person for the job, regardless of their background, ethnicity or gender.

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