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Create, Edit, Store, and Host with Github & Azure

Create your free and private online profile in 15 minutes, build and host multiple CV's to track your career or land you your next dream job

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Windows Continuum App

Your CV anytime, anywhere

A brand new Windows App available on the Windows store, where users can create, edit and store their digital CV’s on their mobiles, tablets or desktops

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Microsoft Word Plugin

Where all CVs start

The first sychronised Microsoft Word plugin application for real-time CV adaptions; because who doesn't create their first CV in Word?

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  • DreamSpark gives students access to FREE Microsoft software throughout the duration of their studies

  • Download the same tools and products used by professional developers by creating an account and verifying your student status

  • Download software and resources to learn, and get a head start in school or in your future career, all at no cost

  • Access your university/school's DreamSpark WebStore or find out if your university/school is enrolled and has deployed a WebStore.

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Register for Azure

With Microsoft Azure webspace, students can set up a web presence in the cloud and it's completely FREE!

  • - Showcase your creativity - share your work with the world
  • - Free cloud hosting of your own personal website
  • - Your choice of programming language
  • - Go opensource using Gulp, Grunt and Bower
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