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Cognitive hiring technology to streamline your start-up's recruitment process

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An Effortless Way To Hire

MeVitae's cognitive hiring platform makes finding, attracting and engaging top talent effortless


Flexible pricing options. Whether you’re a founder searching for your first employee or a scale-up making 100 new hires

Time Saving

Intelligent job descriptions, posted to 20+ relevant job boards with all applicants scored, ranked and shortlisted

No HR Experience Necessary

Let our technology write your next job description, read through those 200 applicantions and produce your interview shortlist

Find and Attract

With a click of a button, your job will be intelligently posted where we know top talent are hanging out

Reducing Time-to-Hire

The challenge of making a quick hire is now an issue of the past. Qualified applicants shortlisted in real-time

What Skill Shortage?

Confront the skill shortage head on by attracting top talent through our curated network

Intelligent Job Descriptions

Create, Edit, Update and Post all in one place

Our intelligent job description maker will write your unique job specifications and post them to 20+ job boards

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Decision Making Systems

Who will you interview next?

Let our machine learning algorithm do the hard work of examining your hiring patterns and ranking your candidates, while you compare the top candidates to interview with your user-friendly dashboard

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