Bias Correction

Access MeVitae’s API to integrate bias correction into your hiring process

  • Access token

    To generate the access token, please follow these steps

    As soon as you login to the system. You will be welcomed with this message in the centre of the screen. Please click Generate

    You will now have a new access code generated

    Please note: The generated token gives access to all the following features and data mentioned below

  • Request Limits

    Based on the type of account held by the user the requests are limited to the following for every 10 seconds

    Users exceeding the limits will receive the following message in their HTTP headers for efficient throttling

    Json result
    "error":  "limit reached, please try back in 4 seconds"

    If you are exceeding the rate limit with these features, please contact us

  • POST


    For performing just the bias correction please set the job_id to -1. After the upload completes a unique id will be created to retrieve the corrected cvs. this should be a unique

    Path Parameters

    Please set this to be -1 as bias correction does not require job description

    Query Parameters

    Key Type Description
    bias_correction string Following are the different types of bias correction MeVitae provides.
    • none - no tagging will be performed when this option is selected
    • redact - All the bias inducing factors get redacted from the CV
    • replace - All the bias inducing factors get replaced with machine learnt neutral words in the CV (experimental)
    cvs arrays Collection of CVs in the following model

    Json return

    Uploading the cvs to the /upload/cvs api returns with the following keys
  • GET


    The user can retrieve all the bias corrected CVs after the wait_time.

    Path Parameters

    The unique id of the uploaded CVs

    Json return

    Retrieve the collection of all the uploaded bias corrected CVs based on options set during upload. Each CV will have the following keys.


Please contact [email protected] with any questions.