People Analytics
Your hiring partner

MeVitae’s hiring partner gives recruiters the ability to work as experts in every single academic discipline and job sector, by providing relevant, in-depth and timely information on every candidate for any job role; providing the ability to shortlist CVs over 50 times quicker than before.

Each bad hire costs companies approximately £30,000, so gain a competitive edge using the future of recruitment.

Increase productivity

By allowing MeVitae to assist in simultaneously analysing candidates, recruiters can increase productivity, workforce diversity and accuracy, whilst reducing costs.

Unrivalled Innovation

By combining advanced data collection, computational linguistics and evolutionary methods, MeVitae learns about companies, providing an intelligent tailor-made system for every customer.

Seamless integration

Integrate our system as a standalone tool in your website, apps or as part of an application tracking system, and begin beating competitors to the best talent.