Shortlisting top talent 8x cheaper and 50x faster

Fast, accurate and adaptable

Save costs by spotting the diamonds in the rough in record time, supported by limitless knowledge and 80%+ accuracy


Recruit the candidates before the competitors read their CVs

The time it takes to analyse and shortlist 2-3 candidates, a recruiter assisted by MeVitae’s Augmented Intelligence (IA) can compare and contrast 300+ candidates.


Leveraging data from across the web to support intelligent hiring choices, preventing wasted money and bad hires

By using natural language technology, candidates can be shortlisted accurately based on ability, to reflect the way a recruiter would work given unlimited time. As soon as a new technology or skill enters the employment ecosystem, MeVitae’s IA researches it instantly, providing vital adaptability in a currently fluctuating market.

Why Choose Us

We continuously keep adding new and exciting technologies. In fact, we have been awarded the UK's most innovative recruitment technology solution for 2018.

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