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Powered by data that would take over 30,000 human brains working together at full capacity to process

Nathan Part - Algorithm Development Manager

Integrate now

Using an ensemble of cognitive techniques, our shortlisting tool analyses every aspect of the human language within CVs to accurately determine the suitability of candidates.

This could be in the form of understanding the entire content of a university degree, using state of the art natural language technology or, using data mining to look for a niche skill that a company has never realised it needs.


  • Data Connectome

    Using 500 million data points from across the web, combined with the power of Generative Artificial Intelligence techniques, it trains our software to understand the meaning behind every sentence; even those which have not yet been spoken or written down. This gives unprecedented recognition of language, skills and achievements of candidates, and for you: High accuracy shortlisting

  • Augmented Intelligence

    IA supports your hiring decision making, learning patterns and details that it can use to unearth the perfect candidate in terms of fit to company culture, technical ability and personal skills. Our IA evolves with companies, providing a tailor-made solution in every use case.

  • In-Depth Analysis

    Complicated analytical engines mean nothing if their output cannot be easily interpreted. Our visualisation system allows in-depth processing and analysis of huge pools of candidates through APIs, allowing you to see all of the reasons behind the decisions of the software. This provides the ability for you to delve effectively into the skills and details of a candidate’s profile as experts in every academic discipline and job sector.

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