The Modern Graduate – from Uni to Start-up Life

I kept pushing the deadline, a bit of a habit I suppose. I knew it was important, in fact, I knew it was crucial as it was my career after all, but my coursework, essays and exams counted for more at the time. If I got bad marks, I could fail the year. If I failed the year I would not get a job, a house, a car, start a family etc. Yes, you get the point, I slacked. However, there was always one thing I was certain of – I wanted to work for a start-up. A tech start-up in London to be more specific. It was such a vibrant lifestyle compared to that of the suited corporates, and of course I watched ‘The Social Network’ and ‘Silicon Valley’. The world was changing and the start-up environment was seemed like the place to be!

Days turned into weeks and I was in the final year of my Computer Science degree with only a few days left to my deadlines. I still was yet to complete my CV and cover letter. Usually I would start with a word doc but I felt that was too mainstream and from my previous internship experience I knew it would get messy. It would be inevitable that I would end up with multiple CVs e.g. - CV_1, CV_2, C1_updated, C1_updated_latest etc. On top of that applying to multiple jobs with numerous cover letters. That’s when I turned to my genius friend Google for options. Initially I found tips on CVs and how to stand out from the crowd, but then I stumbled upon a digital CV generator. The concept was simple; my own personal private digital résumé on the GO. I could create and edit as many CVs as I liked and apply for jobs suited to each different CV variations. It was the modern millennial version of graduate recruiting.

I must admit I was initially very sceptical, but it was free after all and I would lose only 15 minutes, so I thought why not?

Like it said it only took me 15 minutes to completely finish my CV. I was amazed with the final result. The design and interface was so sleek! I literally had all my details from social media to references without the worry of cramming it into a 2-page CV template. I could set up my account to ‘hidden’, ‘passive’ or ‘active’ depending on my job-hunting status. Make changes and update my digital CV in Microsoft Word, the Windows Store app or on my laptop, it was completely synchronised. I knew the tech industry was where I wanted to be and within a few minutes of creating my account I had jobs at my door without having to go to all the hundreds of job boards – it was own personal job board. I applied for 5 different roles within London. My personal CVs were submitted and all I had to do was log into my dashboard to track my applications. It almost seemed too easy...

Within a few weeks I was up and running at a new job working for a tech company in Silicon Roundabout! Thanks MeVitae!

Jess – Computer Scientist