Our Unique Way

Making talent boundless, limitless, tremendous. We believe in unleashing human potential via Augmented Intelligence (IA).

Many people view the future of work as humans being replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI), but we believe in a world where machines and people work together - Augmented Intelligence (IA) because two heads are better than one.

The team have spent several years building cutting-edge data-driven cognitive solutions to put superhuman decision-making at our clients and partners fingertips. Our aim is to solve the world’s biggest employment challenges, from increasing workplace diversity to talent acquisition - to be a force for breaking glass ceilings and closing the tech skill gap to accelerate innovation.

Riham Satti - CEO

Our Unique Solutions

MeVitae is a deep-tech solution that helps companies shortlist top diverse talent in the hiring process by removing unconscious bias

  • MeVitae’s state of the art technology is helping to redefine access to data. Great team, with a passion of making a positive difference. Steve Spittle, Satellite Applications Catapult Emerging Technology Lead in Digital Intelligence

  • Having worked and invested in recruitment for many years, I have always tracked new developments in the sector. When I met MeVitae it was the first time I had seen a product that could be a game changer; using cognitive technology to help make and retain the best hires for any given organisation. Simon Samuel, Managing Director of Talent Arc

  • I like to support "Tech for Good" startups which are creating a better society, and MeVitae is a perfect example. The company helps clients avoid unconscious bias in their recruitment process and hire top talent regardless of ethnicity or gender. Led by a super talented founding team, MeVitae is doing ground-breaking work which will have major impact. Dhiraj Mukherjee, Co-Founder of Shazam

  • MeVitae, is not just a world-class team, but their strong vision and aim of making our brain's 'limitless' - completely game-changing and revolutionary. Force Over Mass Investment Manager